2235 Shannon Place Interiors

Shannon Place Commercial Interiors 

Project Location: 2235 Shannon Place, SE, Washington, DC
Client: Four Points LLC:
OwnerCurtis Investment Group
Architecture Firm: PGN Architects, PLLC Washington, DC
Cost:  $5,500,000
Completion: December 2014
LEED Rating: Awarded Silver under LEED-CI
Date Awarded: January 2017

Rendering of main lobby, looking east. Courtesy of PGN Architects

CDI served as LEED Administrator and coordinator for this commercial interior project (SPOB-CI). Shannon Place Office Building (SPOB) is a fully renovated 1960s warehouse building in the Anacostia neighborhood of southeast Washington, DC. The scope of work for the interior project consists of Tenant Improvements (TI) or LEED-CI for several District Government agencies on floors one through five of the SPOB base building. This SPOB-CI project seeks to attain Silver certification under the LEED for Commercial Interiors 2009 rating system. Throughout the design and construction process, the design team has worked closely with future building users, the District, and the project owner. Some of the most significant credit points derived from the site: development density and community connectivity, and alternative transportation. This also includes the adjacency to various modes of transportation, allowing for greater public access, which includes an innovation in design point for doubling transit ridership.

Sustainable Design Features

  • Locating this Class-A office building adjacent to metro rail and several bus lines promotes the use of public transit, and reduces pollution from automobile use. Furthermore, bike racks and showers have been provided for building users. SPOB is located on a previously developed site in the pedestrian-friendly heart of Anacostia, with residential areas and basic services nearby.
  • The design team employed efficient plumbing systems to reduce water consumption within the building. The use of water in the building is expected to be reduced by more than 40% by the use of high-efficiency plumbing fixtures such as pint-flush urinals and sensored faucets.
  • Efficient mechanical systems that were selected for the project will optimize the energy performance and provide thermal comfort to the future employees.
  • Lighting Power Density reduction 20% below the ASHRAE Standard and implementation of side daylighting, which are required by the lease agreement will contribute to the energy savings of the project.
  • The use of regional, low-VOC materials and products with recycled content complements the project’s goal for sustainability.

Rendering of main lobby, looking west. Courtesy of PGN Architects


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