CZDG-Cold Climates

Climatic Zoning and Design Guidelines for Cold Climates
(Eastern Azabayjan Province)

Morteza Kasmaei
Building and Housing Research Center
Affiliated to the Ministry of Housing and Urban development
BHRC Publication No. R-387, Tehran,  2005

Creating healthy and comfortable spaces is one of the main objects in modern and progressive architecture. In this book, the climatic data of meteorological stations of Eastern Azarbayjan province and its adjacent areas has been used to study the effects of climatic condition of main populated areas of the province on architectural design of residential buildings. Based on the results of this study, guidelines for architectural and urban design of populated cities of Tabriz and mane cities of the province have been conducted. The Guideline includes site selection, building orientation, building materials, size of windows and shading devices. These guidelines can be used in most Cold climates of the country. The climatic zoning map of Eastern Azarbayjan province is presented in the final chapter.

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